About YogaiaPeace Yoga


The word Yoga means to yoke. Gaia is the soul name for Earth. Thus, Yogaia, the merging of the two, offers the living loving experience of integrating body/mind and spirit with all of life, experiencing the Truth of your being as an expression of and in oneness with all of nature.


Through the years, I have come to know Yogaia is a living feminine presence. The work that falls under her umbrella from The YogaiaPeace Center as YogaiaPeace is an offering of love, a way, a path, a blessing from the place from which she was birthed. Current offerings are YogaiaPeace yoga, Yogaia Peace-Seeds (kids classes), and the MotherBreath Peace Project (check back for details)

YogaiaPeace yoga

Initiated as a peace "movement" YogaiaPeace yoga, suitable for all levels, is gentle, yet powerful and may be experienced as moving meditation.

A typical class includes invocation, gentle meditative movement, traditional asana, pranayama, specific Yogaia breathing practices, and specific world peace healing meditations.

It is appropriate for all faiths and all body types. If you can breathe you can be touched and participate in this special work.


YogaiaPeace yoga offers all the benefits of the mind/body practice of yoga, including the following:

~ deepens the connection with the bodymind
~ simultaneously tones, stretches, and strengthens the muscles
~ boosts the immune system
~ enhances the power of breath
~ lowers blood pressure
~ reduces stress
~ initiates and cultivates a process to bring peace deep into the physiology
~ the experience of being connected to a larger whole
~ offers spiritual awakening and reconnection to the spiritual heart
~ creates new neuropathways allowing for the experience of centeredness and your own soulful presence in your daily life


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